What is Depression?

We probably know depression from the symptoms we either see in others or feel within ourselves. In others we might see a lack of energy and motivation, negative outlook, sleeplessness, asthma,  extreme dietary behaviour changes, isolation and addictive behaviours. Within ourselves we might feel listless and lethargic, questioning ‘why’ or ‘what’s the point’, apathetic and unimportant.

So these are the symptoms but what is depression?  How and why do some of us suffer from this? In Medical hypnoanalysis we describe depression as a Walking Zombie Syndrome and we refer to this as a diagnosis of the subconscious mind. Depression occurs when the subconscious mind believes that a part of us has died at either an emotional or spiritual level. We then shut down and go through the motions of life just like a walking zombie; not feeling connected to others or self. The thing is, the subconscious mind doesn’t shut you down the very first time you feel the symptoms of depression. You see there are certain underlying emotions out of our awareness that if experienced at least 3 times can trigger the symptoms of the walking Zombie syndrome. These feelings tend to be guilt, shame, fear, anger and abandonment. We may have experienced these feelings as a child or as an adult, it is irrelevant because the subconscious mind remembers everything and will develop symptoms once the intense feeling has been felt for the third time. We refer to this third time as the Symptom intensifying event (SIE) and if the feeling is not managed and resolved to satisfaction then it will gradually become worse as time goes on. The other 2 times are experienced without symptoms and are referred to as the Initial Sensitising Event (ISE) and the Symptom Producing Event (SPE).

Let me give you an example of what I mean. Three people have just been mugged. The first person has not been mugged before (ISE) and although he is shocked and annoyed he recovers quickly and says what an unpleasant experience it was. The second person mugged by the same person has experienced being mugged once before (SPE) and is feeling quite rattled by the experience. The person decides to choose a different route in future and to be more vigilant, he is wary but is able to carry on with his normal life. The third person however has experienced a mugging twice before and he has a panic attack, he can’t breath and the ambulance is called. He refuses to be alone and his life is altered to what it once was. He is no longer safe in the world. this third mugging to the subconsciousness mind is the last straw.

The thing is, our conscious mind doesn’t remember all our life like our subconscious mind does, so we are often not aware of other times in our life, especially as a child of when we might have had a ISE or SPE so for us the SIE is the first time we are aware of that death like feeling of the Walking Zombie Syndrome.

The great news is we don’t have to remain a walking zombie, we can change through the assistance of hypnoanalysis, using hypnosis to access to the subconscious mind to resolve the underlying emotions using no medications or long drawn out therapy.

If you want to feel alive again consider hypnoanalysis as a viable treatment to bring you back to the person you desire to be.

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