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Have you tried every weight loss diet and found that the kilos just keeps coming back? Perhaps you have exercised exhaustedly and wondered why the weight just won’t budge. This happens to many people who end up just giving up and stop trying to find how to lose weight. Did you know that emotional eating is the number one cause of obesity in the Western world? Do we really eat because we are hungry or do we also eat when we are bored, lonely or for comfort? Many have used food as a comfort when they had to deal with difficulties or even trauma in their childhoods, this can often involve sugar addiction or general food addiction. Some people have used food as a coping strategy to manage stress. Some people who have survived abuse found being overweight a way of protection against further abuse.


People who identify with emotional eating tend to have experiences where diets have failed them and they can’t keep the weight off long term. Or they may be able to keep the weight off but they are constantly stressing about their food intake, no sugar or carbohydrates for example. Or people who binge eat, they eat well for a while and then go berserk eating sugar chocolates and soft drink and as a result carry more weight than they would like. If you fit into this category be aware that diets and exercise alone do not sustain a healthy weight without having managed the emotional abscess that is causing the weight gain in the first place.

Hypnosis is a very effective tool for unlocking the door to your unconscious mind where underlying emotional trauma and issues lie and is a safe form of weight loss. These emotions are out of your conscious awareness. Hypnosis for weight loss is a regression technique which looks at your emotional issue as a weed growing in a garden. If weight loss is the focus only (weight being the leaves and flower of the weed) then the weed will grow back because the seed and roots are still in the ground (subconscious mind) and the stems, leaves, and flowers will begin growing above ground again (increase in weight). However if we dig further to remove the weed, seed, roots and the plant then the whole weed is removed whereby the emotional issue causing weight gain has been removed as well. It makes sense for long lasting weight loss to engage in hypnosis to remove the whole issue not just what we see.
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