How did our lives get so busy? Why with all the technology we have at our fingertips designed to make our lives easier, do we find ourselves so busy and short of time? For some people they are constantly switched on, believing that they need to be on call…for their work, family, friends and interests at all times often forgetting to consider themselves…with lifestyles like this we easily develop chronic stress. Chronic stress symptoms can affect us physically, mentally and emotionally.

Physical symptoms of chronic stress may manifest in the body as chronic pain, breathlessness, skin disorders or illness. Emotional and mental symptoms of chronic stress may manifest with feeling overwhelmed, quick to anger and immediate gratification often leading to over indulging in alcohol and sweet fattening foods. These behaviours then become habits that can be harder to change than creating them in the first place. Stress wears the body out, it is like rust to metal by breaking down the components of a healthy body and mind

There was a professor lecturing in a university who held up a glass of water and asked the class what he had in his hand. The class responded “a glass of water” and the professor said yes it is a glass of water and it represents stress. If I hold the glass of water for a short time I can hold it easily and I can drink from the glass with ease but if I continue to hold the glass of water my arm becomes tired and my muscles become stiff and over time become sore I lose the ability to drink easily from the glass and my arm becomes so tired that all I can think about is putting the glass down. I’m not able to think well about any other activity I might want to do all my attention is on how difficult it is to hold this glass of water and how tired and sore my arm is. No new thoughts and creativity can enter my mind while I am holding this glass of water. So why don’t I just put the glass down? My arms are so stiff they don’t have the mobility to change position and I am fixated on how hard it is to hold this glass of water. This, the professor said, is what chronic stress is. Normal stress is required at times for movement and can be quite healthy however chronic stress destroys us physically and mentally so it is very important to put the glass down often.

Hypnosis therapy is very effective for assisting people to ‘put their glass down’. Learn how to maintain a stress free life in healthy ways and develop your creativity and calmness to think, feel and behave in sustainable ways to promote good health and well being.


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