Self esteem

Do you ever feel that you don’t have what it takes to go for that job or speak to that very attractive person? Perhaps you think that you are not worthy of experiencing positive experiences in your life. Or perhaps you desire to have positive experiences but don’t understand why you keep meeting the wrong partner or get bullied at work or struggle to make a reasonable income. Hypnosis in therapy in particular medical hypnoanalysis is a specific technique which will find the original seed of the feelings in your subconscious mind that are triggering these responses in your day to day life.

No one wants to go through life lacking in self-belief and confidence in their ability to make good decisions to live well and comfortably. Hypnosis therapy is a powerful tool to increase confidence and efficacy to live well. Imagine feeling confident to talk to that person, attend that job interview, be assertive in your communication when required and most importantly feel good about yourself.

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