A phobia is an excessive fear of a certain object or situation that leads to a compelling need to avoid it. This fear naturally can have a domino effect where it starts to create problems in certain areas of your life. For example imagine being fearful of flying. You have just obtained your dream job and it requires you to fly interstate every now and then. Chances are you would be less likely to take that job. Perhaps you would settle for something less enjoyable and rewarding just to avoid having to fly. This is just one small example of how phobias can have a devastating effect on lives and stop people from living their full potential.

Whether it be fear of flying, fear of insects, snakes, rodents or fear of heights, open spaces, shopping centres to name just a few, hypnosis can be very effective for eradicating these irrational fears from the subconscious mind altogether. Often these fears arise from early on in our life which is totally out of our conscious memory thereby making it difficult to rationalise and understand. You don’t need to live with this phobia. Hypnosis can cure phobias effectively and in a short time.


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