Good Communication skills are the essence of our very being in all areas of our lives and ensure we learn how to be confident. These skills serve a variety of purposes for example, to learn, to relate, to influence, to play and to help. As individuals, we can have the best qualifications, really know our stuff but if we aren’t able to posess communication skills in what we know and feel in context then how can we be effective in our career and relationships?

The happiest people are those who can communicate effectively. Imagine having the self-confidence to ask someone out on a date without feeling anxious? Building self esteem and Learning how to be confident gives us the courage to ask for want we want in our life. Building confidence eradicates procrastination all together. Confidence is the motivator towards our own success however that may look to any individual.


The number 1 biggest fear for human beings is the fear of public speaking. Overcoming this fear is essential if you are required in your career to present your own papers, conduct public speaking on behalf of your company, demonstrate strong leadership skills, required to be in the media spotlight or even just to wish someone a happy life together at a wedding or function? Perhaps you are in sales or own your own business where you need good effective communication skills to network for growing your business and increasing your sales opportunities. Overcoming your fear of public speaking and shyness in social settings can radically improve your career outcomes.

Developing your communication skills can change your life. Hypnosis can be effective for:

  • Developing leadership skills
  • Public speaking
  • Performance anxiety
  • Building confidence
  • Building self-esteem

Visualisation techniques are very powerful to enhance your sporting techniques. How’s your golf swing? Sometimes we lose our rhythm and/or technique and no matter how much practise or extra training is conducted it can feel like we have lost our way. Visualisation techniques using hypnosis is very effective in assisting individuals to either improve their sporting ability or gain back what appeared to be lost.

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