Medical Conditions

Hypnosis, in particular Medical hypnoanalysis can be an effective pharmacological (drug) – free treatment for numerous medical conditions. The benefits of hypnosis treatment is the lack of side effects that often accompany medical pharmaceutical drug options. Research has found that neurological disorders for example Fibromyalgia (FMS) respond well to hypnotherapy, in particular hypnoanalysis where other treatment modalities have been less effective (Martinez, Valero et al., 2008). The pathogenesis of Fibromyalgia is not well understood within the medical field thereby lacking an effective pathway for treatment. However hypnotherapy was found to be effective in acute pain alleviation, pain management and ability to sleep (Bernardy et al., 2011) enabling a FMS sufferer more comfort and alleviation of symptoms.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is estimated to be present in 11% of adults worldwide based on a meta-analysis study of 81 studies in numerous countries (Lovell & Ford, 2012). The condition can become burdensome for sufferers because it can begin to affect their ability to work and be sociable resulting in more negative outcomes. Often relief is limited through the mainstream medical system. Roberts et al., 2006). Research conducted on the effectiveness of hypnosis for IBS (Lindfors et al., 2012) reported significant improvement in bowel symptoms, emotional symptoms and quality of life. In addition further studies found that hypnosis was superior in treatment over medical care, supportive care and biofeedback (Elkins, 2017). The research suggests hypnotherapy has a viable option for the treatment of IBS.

In addition research has found that hypnotherapy is very effective to for pain control and chronic pain management (Haanen et al., 1991; Castel, 2007). Living with chronic pain can result in the development of other sideline complications such as addiction to pain medication and kidney/liver concerns from long term pain medication use. It is very heartening to know that there really are other alternatives available for people seeking a healthier pain free existence. To find out more information call Mindful Health Hypnotherapy and Counselling on 92711019.