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Hypnosis is a name to describe a stage of consciousness where the conscious mind is in neutral and the subconscious mind is in control. For example, when driving in your car, have you ever gone through a set of traffic lights and wondered if the light was red or green, you don’t consciously remember going through the lights at all? This is referred to as being in a hypnotic state, your subconscious mind takes control while our conscious mind is anywhere but not focussed on driving the car and you can feel hypnotic. To best understand the hypnotic state would be to recount what hypnosis is not.

Hypnosis is not sleep, hypnosis depends on suggestion only and if someone is asleep they can not hear the suggestions of a hypnotherapist. So you need to be able conscious of your hypnotic state.

Hypnosis is not being unconscious it’s a state of altered consciousness but not unconsciousness.

It’s not having your mind taken over, hypnosis is not a process that is done to you. it is a process where willingness to achieve a hypnotic state is essential and the hypnotherapist merely facilitates the process. Some hypnotherapists (ref) agree that all hypnosis is essentially self-hypnosis.

A very important point about hypnosis is the ability to trust the hypnotherapist you are working with. It is important to know that you will only be given suggestions to assist and support you towards a better future life envisioned by you through hypnotism.

Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation in which your body sleeps and your mind is awake. in fact your mind is more awake than usual you can hear better, see better, smell better and taste better. Your senses are all heightened.

We have a conscious mind and an unconscious mind the conscious mind is a very clever mind knows what it wants but it doesn’t know how to do it otherwise we wouldn’t need to seek help. The unconscious mind is a very powerful mind and it can do many things at one time whereas the conscious mind can really only do one thing at a time .i.e., like drive the car while your conscious mind is somewhere else.

The unconscious mind has one particular function and that is to keep you alive…emotionally, physically and spiritually. Its primary function is to keep you alive and protect you although it sometimes responds in ways that make little sense. The unconscious mind believes that you need your symptoms because if you didn’t have them something worse might happen.

Based on this premise this is where medical hypnoanalysis can be very effective to resolve these unconscious symptoms. It is called medical hypnoanalysis because it takes on the medical model.

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Medical Hypnoanalysis Definition

Medical hypnoanalysis can be defined as psychotherapy which uses hypnosis to access the sub conscious mind. It is a regression technique which identifies a problem as a weed in the garden. This weed has a seed which can not be seen (seed of the problem is unconscious). The seed produces roots which also can not be seen (unconscious). The weed begins to form above ground and continues to grow (we become aware of the problem consciously) this is when we become aware of experiencing symptoms. Medical hypnoanalysis’ prime objective is to remove all of the weed, not just the part we see thereby utilising regression to identify the seed of the problem, the root of the problem and the overt expression of the problem. Just the same as the medical model a personal history is taken first to determine a diagnosis and then do further testing to narrow down the diagnosis. For example if it was a surgical problem we would be looking for the emotional abscess and then we would open the abscess and drain it but we are going to drain the emotional abscess in another way. Hypnoanalysis uses regression as the method for removing the emotional abscess.

Hypnoanalysis is based on the triple allergenic theory which states that you will never have an allergic response to the first exposure to an antigen. For example if you are born with a genetic predisposition to be allergic to penicillin you would never die from the first injection, it would sensitise you. The second injection could cause a symptom but it’s the third injection that would cause you to have an anaphylactic reaction. We call the initial event or rather the seed of the problem the initialising event, the root of the problem is usually the symptom producing event and the intensifying event are the symptoms you know about. The sensitising event is actually the last straw.

In Medical hypnoanalysis the focus is not on the events throughout life but rather the emotions that came from those events. It operates like tuning forks. Tuning forks are about reverberation and how when you ping one fork the others follow on the same vibrational level. When one tuning fork rings the others follow in unison. Another way to describe Medical Hypnoanalysis is to say that the problem that you are having didn’t just arise when you first felt the symptoms; the problem began in the sub conscious mind, out of your awareness generally early in life when we are mostly all sub conscious. This means that regression is essential to find where that problem originated (the seed) so the whole problem (weed) may be eradicated and not be able to grow back, the symptoms will not be there any longer.