The Mindful health philosophy underpins all services. The philosophy which understands that if you look at a problem as if it is a weed growing in a garden and you want to eradicate the weed altogether then it is essential to take the seed and the roots of the weed to ensure it is gone forever. When you remove just the stem and leaves of the weed it may appear as if it has been removed however within a short time that weed starts to grow again and then it becomes a repetition of removing the weed on an ongoing basis. Counselling services operate within the Mindful Health philosophy to locate the perceived underlying causes deemed responsible for the presenting issue. To search for the seed and the root of the issue that isn’t obvious and to reframe the feelings and perceptions towards healthy living once more. Once the weed is removed it cannot grow back.

Mindful Health offers individual counselling weekly sessions for any person who is feeling overwhelmed with issues affecting their life.

Couple counselling is offered to any two people committed to one another who may require assistance to maintain or develop a healthy relationship.

Family therapy is offered to families where the family has become fractious perhaps due to grief, addiction, mental health concerns, trauma or tensions arisen due to developmental stages of maturation.

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