Children Issues

Children often find it difficult to express themselves emotionally because they don’t really recognise or understand what they are feeling. Just like adults, children feel fear anger and guilt which can lead to behavioural, psychological or medical issues. Often symptoms of recurring nightmares are a sign that something in their day to day life is bothering them and they don’t know how to resolve it. Furthermore bedwetting may be related to angry feelings or feelings of having no control. Anxiety can be related to fear of ridicule or bullying by peers as one example and therefore important to address it as quickly as possible before a habit of behaviour is sub consciously formed.

Children respond very well to hypnosis making it a very effective treatment modality for children aged 7 upwards. There are no side effects to treatment and generally children require less treatment sessions than adults. Call Mindful Health Hypnotherapy and Counselling on 92711029 for further information about how we can assist your child.