brain anxiety


Underlying fears which we often refer to as worry or concern that are felt each and every day become debilitating physically, mentally and emotionally. Our autonomic nervous system is set up to protect us from immediate danger. For example you are out on safari and a wild tiger comes into your view. Your automatic nervous system (ANS) is switched on for you to either stay and fight, run and hide or freeze and play dead. Once the danger is over (the tiger continues on its way without seeing you) then your autonomic nervous system settles down. This is important because your body goes into high alert when the ANS is switched on where your heart starts beating fast, your pupils dilate, you lose your appetite, and cortisol runs through your body. Your body is designed to stay in this mode for only a few minutes and then return to normal. However in our current times where we have to be vigilant at all times when driving our car, performing well at work, raising children in part time hours and generally keeping up with technology our ANS is on way too often and for way too long; it doesn’t switch it off. We constantly need to keep stimulated because that is what our brains are used to. We believe our brains require stimulation to all activities including sleep! However what we are doing is tiring our mind, body and spirit. We are wearing out our bodies with stress and stimulation. Have we forgotten how to relax? Is it even possible? Of course it is possible. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy is a powerful strategy to calm the mind and eradicate all fear from the unconscious mind. Hypnosis can cure ongoing anxiety altogether, whether it be generalised or specific.

Imagine being able to enjoy each day in a calm relaxed manner. Enjoying the company around you, laughing and having fun because you are calm and relaxed… there is no extra time in the day and you still have the same responsibilities you had before you experienced hypnosis by hypnotherapy and now it all seems so much easier and much more fun…you begin to enjoy people around you and guess what…you find they enjoy your company too. Your relationships improve, your skills improve, you like yourself and you no longer beat yourself up …this could be you.

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