Most of us have habitual behaviours that we subconsciously indulge without much thought. We carry on with the behaviour not really considering any long term negative effects. But hang on a minute surely not all habitual behaviours are bad for us. Well perhaps, it depends on how often we do it and for how long. Let’s look at recreational drug and alcohol use. A person may start out using street drugs when going to a party or event to have a good time along with everyone else. They are able to wake up the next day feeling okay and not touch the drugs again until the next event. This is not yet habitual behaviour with negative outcomes. However, should that same person begin to use at all weekend events or whenever they had to go to a social event, they might start believing they need the drug to function socially and that’s when we start getting into dangerous territory. This then becomes a situational behavioural habit where neural pathways begin to form in the brain so that every time this person has a social engagement they believe they need the drug to get through the event. As this neural pathway becomes further entrenched the person further believes that they then need it to function on a daily basis and becomes an addiction.
Given that addiction is described as a persistent, compulsive dependence on a behaviour or substance, let’s change this scenario to gambling, gaming, food, sex/pornography, shopping or prescription drugs for pain, the process to become addicted is the same regardless of the behaviour or substance. No matter what we are addicted to it is like a hungry beast demanding to be fed on an ongoing basis.
With most addictions, we don’t really take action to address them until they are negatively impacting on our lives in 4 areas

  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Career
  • Legal concerns

Which is why we often hear that addicted people need to hit rock bottom before they seek help. Often our relationships begin to fracture due to stress expended to feed the addiction along with the stress, worry and concern of loved ones who can so easily become the victims and/or support for the addicted person impacting on their own physical emotional and spiritual resources. Sometimes people with addictions seek help because they have been given an ultimatum by their loved ones to rid their addiction or get out of their lives. Often we can end up homeless and unsupported when we are not ready to address the addiction.
Other times people living with an addiction struggle to maintain their job, taking too many sick days or just not turning up for work. Their functionality decreases and the work relationships suffer which can often lead to becoming unemployed. Unemployment can potentially lead to the need to do crime to feed the hungry beast. This can potentially lead to being involved in the justice system. Alternately it can lead to hopelessness and despair. On top of all of this continued feeding of the hungry beast can lead to both poor physical and mental health. This slippery slope of addiction has devastating effects for not only the person with the addiction but also the loved ones surrounding this person.
At Mindful Health we use a technique referred to as Medical Hypnoanalysis which uses hypnosis to access the subconscious mind to find the original seed of the problem for addiction. Finding the causal factors for addiction and eradicating those factors whilst creating new neural pathways towards personal success will assist the addicted person to heal and recover significantly more effectively whilst at the same time identifying triggers and developing safety nets. Moreover, family counselling can facilitate the process to bring families back together once more to heal and recover.
How is your readiness to address your addiction? If you believe that now is the time to face your addiction head on then contact us.


Did you know that Perth is one of the most successful cities in the world when it comes to tobacco smoking cessation? Yes more and more it is becoming anti-social to be a smoker in Perth. Fewer and fewer people are smoking so only a handful people will you see huddled together outside shuffling from foot to foot cold, shivering and drawing on a cigarette. Are you one of those few people still smoking? Would you like to become a non-smoker, to feel better about health and well being? At Mindful Health we look at the underlying causal factors for your smoking habit and then remove those factors and replace them with healthier options of your choosing. Perhaps you would like to reward yourself with the money you save when you no longer smoke. Or maybe you might prefer to breath deeply during and after playing sport. If you are fed up and are now ready to become a non-smoker contact Mindful health now.


One of the frustrating beliefs of people with a gambling addiction is the belief that they will get a huge win with the next bet. The annoying fact is that sometimes this actually happens once or twice so the gambler is thus rewarded and believes that it can happen again if they keep having a go. Further believing that hocking personal goods and getting loans are an investment for when they reach the jackpot leads to a downward spiral of poverty . Gambling addiction is a result of faulty thinking of inflated unrealistic optimism and poor impulse control. Looking for the big break often is a symptom of something much greater residing in the unconscious mind out of the gambler’s awareness. Medical hypnoanalysis can be very effective for finding those causal factors using hypnosis and analysis techniques. Contact Mindful Health Hypnotherapy and Counselling for further information or to book an appointment.


Alcohol is like our best friend. Its right there when you need it. It will relax you and understand your feelings. It will dance and laugh with you. It gets close and intimate with you by agreeing with everything you think about. If it hangs around for too long it allows you to wallow in self-pity and to feel victimised about your life. It will separate you from others and it will even let you tell others how you really feel. Yes alcohol appears to be your friend but it really is not it is your enemy that keeps you close to it. Alcohol dependency is the same as any other dependency it will impact on your relationships your career, your health and perhaps the law. The loneliness associated with alcoholism is probably the most overwhelming sensation related and unless addressed can result in very serious physical and psychological health issues. If you are straight up serious about addressing your alcohol use contact Mindful Health Hypnotherapy and Counselling for further information or to book an appointment.


Continued use of drugs impacts your emotional development. In other words your ability to mature becomes retarded whereby you remain stuck at the age when you started to use daily behaving and reacting in an immature manner relevant to your age. You lose your ability to problem solve and to learn from your mistakes becoming more and more dependent on others and feeling victimised. Continual drug use acts as a veil where you are kept behind the veil with the false belief that you are protected by this veil. Be aware that at some stage of your life you will need to lift this veil and address all those emotional hiccups that you hid from for a time. It’s better to face them sooner rather than later however it is never too late to begin the process of recovery and healing. With Medical Hypnoanalysis and your willingness to lift that veil you may discover an exciting new you that has been waiting for the veil to be lifted and begin the quick maturation process towards recovery and healing.

Did you know that Perth Western Australia is known globally for being in the top 10 cities for methamphetamine usage and problems? It is a drug that is easily accessible, easy to manufacture and easy to sell in Western Australia due to our vast costal borders and remote areas. Whilst many may use this drug to party occasionally, there is always a percentage of people who are susceptible to developing an addiction with devastating effects. Methamphetamine is a drug that can give a person an artificial sense of confidence, a sense of being in control and feeling good about themselves. This drug has a greater ability to snare those feeling vulnerable about themselves, lacking confidence or not believing in themselves. At Mindful Health Hypnotherapy and Counselling we address the underlying issues laying in the subconscious mind out of the person’s conscious awareness using hypnosis and analysis to eradicate the addiction and then build on confidence and self-belief. So if you are ready to address your addiction to methamphetamine or any other stimulant such as dexamphetamine or speed book an appointment now.
Furthermore, family counselling is offered to all family members during the stressful time of dealing with a loved one’s drug addiction.
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There is much talk about Cannabis being a non-violent chilled out drug that doesn’t really do any harm. However if you are someone who enjoys a cone from the minute you wake up until you go to bed chances are you have little motivation to do things you said you would like to do…”I’ll do it tomorrow”. Your ability to function appropriately on a day to day basis is impacted by continual cannabis use. Some people believe that cannabis eases their anxiety, well this is a myth as cannabis actually increases anxiety so that each time a person uses cannabis they become a little more and then a little more anxious, increasing in incremental steps totally unaware that it is the cannabis that could be triggering the anxiety. Continual cannabis use can impact your relationships whether at home, work or socially. Continual use may also impact on your ability to make good decisions in fact it could impact on your ability to make a decision full stop. Cannabis stops you in your tracks so if you want to live, if you want a rewarding life, if you are ready to get your life cranking again contact Mindful Health Hypnotherapy and Counselling for further information or to book an appointment.

You would be surprised at how many people who have just recovered from surgery, been in a car accident or live with chronic pain have become addicted to pain medication whether that be Nurofen Plus or Schedule 8 drugs. Often these people are too scared or feel ashamed to seek help. There is absolutely no shame in developing an addiction especially when we can acknowledge that there may be a dependency and to reach out for assistance. Often we are triggered by a fear of the pain returning so we take the medication to take the pain away and then if the pattern continues it can spread to include emotional pain as well.
Perhaps you may be taking antidepressants and have been for a very long time and find that life hasn’t really changed, you are sort of just going through the motions without feeling. There are many individuals who are caught on the cycle of fear whereby if I stop taking these drugs I will feel worse than I currently do. Medical Hypnoanalysis can assist individuals to break the fearful thoughts and address any past issues to safely support you to becoming a whole person once more capable of living a positive life. If you feel that you might fit into any of these categories and are ready to address it contact Mindful Health Hypnotherapy and Counselling for further information or to book an appointment.

Okay, so you use methamphetamines or ecstasy on the weekends and use either barbiturates or cannabis to help you sleep and come down creating a false high and false low emotional states. Perhaps you just want to get your hands on whatever is going at the time just to get out of it. This yo-yo effect is damaging to the body on a physical, emotional and spiritual level and suggests a deep lack of self-trust in your ability to function on a day to day basis. When foreign bodies take over the job of our neurotransmitters in our brain we become less able to self-regulate our emotions and can indeed become susceptible to mental health concerns. Medical hypnoanalysis using hypnosis will travel to your subconscious mind to track down the original seed where you learned to not trust yourself and then work towards removing the seed and the roots altogether and begin to build a strong healthy esteem capable of living life to its fullest potential. If you are now ready to accept living life in a more positive and fulfilling way contact Mindful Health Hypnotherapy and Counselling for further information or to book an appointment.


Increasingly we are becoming more and more reliant on computers for our every day needs. We use computers for work, home entertainment, research and fun. For some playing computer games or researching on the internet can become addictive where the ability to self-regulate behaviour disappears and binging on games, movies, researching begins. This might not sound too serious however when a person is staying awake all night or several nights to finish a game this can impact seriously on their physical, emotional and social well-being. More and more people are developing issues with binging where nothing else matters except what they are doing at that particular time on the computer. As with all addictions this type of behaviour impacts on relationships, employment, health and well-being. Being able to self-regulate ones’ behaviour is paramount in this area of addiction, setting boundaries and having plans in place to assist self-regulation are key points to addressing this area. However underlying causal factors for the lack of motivation to move off the computer are considered essential in addressing this new 21st-century addiction.

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Excessive needless shopping can have devastating effects on anybody afflicted with this condition. Often at times, a person is motivated to buy because it is on sale because it might be needed one day because for no reason really. This motivation stems from an underlying subconscious belief that something is missing in their life and they are trying to fill the missing part. If this sounds like you and you would like to overcome this urge to shop contact Mindful Health Hypnotherapy and Counselling for more information or to book an appointment.


Yes we can become addicted to foods…particularly foods with sugar and salt. Sugar and salt hit the pleasure centre in our brains which help us to feel good and so we keep eating to avoid certain emotions we don’t want to feel, squashing those feelings down while we continue to put on weight. Our bodies become addicted to the sugars and salts and will give you cravings for those flavours throughout the day. We often justify eating these foods because they are so accessible and we are so busy that we don’t have time to research, shop and cook healthy food. Sugar and salt addiction is not a life sentence and like other addictions, if you are prepared for change and you want to look feel and be different then contact Mindful Health Hypnotherapy and Counselling to book an appointment or for further information.


The secret life of watching pornography on the internet is what we refer to as the ‘secret lover’. The compulsion to continue to watch pornography can affect your relationship at a very deep level where trust and loyalty become questionable. Trust is one of the foundational pillars for a healthy relationship however when an individual is compelled to continue to watch pornography at the risk of losing loved ones or employment then the compulsion has become addictive in nature and may require professional assistance. Medical hypnoanalysis can be very effective for finding the original causal factor that lead to the addiction in the first place and can then remove it through hypnosis and regression. If you feel watching pornography has a hold on you then contact Mindful Health Hypnotherapy and Counselling for further information or to book an appointment.