I came looking for weight loss


A poem for you

I came asking for weight loss- I began a spiritual journey

I came searching for one who would help – I found myself

I came seeking relief from my stress load – learned to let go and let be

I came to find death for my pain – I found abundant life

I came hoping for magic to change my being – I found a way to go within and change myself

I came to have my wounds bandaged – I have felt them healing

I came with spiritual pain, barred from eternity – I found love and the door to eternity opened

I came with fear, anxiety, guilt and depression – I found these lifelong companions are no longer necessary

I came with more self-criticism than a soul has a right to – I found self-acceptance with both its joys and its pain

I came looking for ways to cope with life – I found a new way of living not unlike the phoenix

I found nothing in the form I expected when I came – yet you have led me to resources untold within.

Medical Hypnoanalysis Journal, vol 11, No:3 1987

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