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Often we travel through life wanting change and not knowing how to go about it. Sometimes we know consciously our circumstances could improve and have often done what we can to create that change however change doesn’t happen easily at the conscious level. Real long lasting change occurs at the unconscious level where every memory, emotion and perception is stored. The Mindful Health Centre specialises in modalities designed to reach the unconscious mind. These include hypnosis, Medical Hypnoanalysis, counselling and meditation. Mindful Health Hypnotherapy and counselling assists people to overcome issues affecting their life through the combined use of Medical hypnoanalysis and counselling. In addition, Mindful Health assists individuals who are searching for performance enhancement in both health and business utilising hypnosis techniques. Hypnoanalysis and counselling combined provide an effective method to support individuals towards positive mental health and outcomes.
Medical Hypnoanalysis specialises in areas of addiction, weight loss, smoking, anxiety, depression, phobias, stress, sex issues, body image, habitual patterns of behaviour, negative emotions, insomnia, chronic pain management, enuresis and sales, sporting or communication performance enhancement to name a few.

The Mindful health philosophy that underpins all services uses the metaphor below for definition. We look at a problem as if it is a weed growing in a garden, the part of the weed you can see above the ground is referred to as the symptoms of an issue, the part of the issue you are aware of. The root system underneath the ground is referred to as the causes of an issue, the part of the issue you are unaware of but is feeding the symptoms. When you want to remove the weed altogether then it is essential to take the seed and the roots of the weed to ensure it is removed forever. When you remove just the stem and leaves of the weed above the ground it may appear as if it has been removed however within a short time that weed starts to grow again and it becomes a repetition of removing the weed on an ongoing basis. Services which operate within the Mindful Health philosophy strive to locate the perceived underlying subconscious causes deemed responsible for the presenting issue. To search for the seed and the root of the issue that isn’t obvious and to reframe the feelings and perceptions towards healthy living once more. Once the weed is removed it cannot grow back.

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