Lee-Anne is beyond doubt one of life’s blessings. Her calm nature and ability to bring about long lasting change to your life is a gift. I feel privileged to have worked with Lee-Anne personally as well as my family and can highly recommend everything she does in her work.


Weight loss

I’m down 11kg in the last 11 weeks!
I’m still on my bacteria cleanse for a bit longer. Not fully gone yet but getting there. So still some bloating but definitely not as much.

I feel so much better and more ‘me’. Yay. And energy for training is way up.

I’m so glad we did the suppressed negative emotions release from my gut which I’m pretty sure lead me to find out about the bacteria problem.

Anyways. Thanks and thought you’d like to know.


Child Anxiety

Thank you so much for helping my 12 year old with her anxiety and panic attacks. They are now less frequent and she knows how to get through it. I’ve even noticed she will speak about her feelings more openly than ever before. It’s so reassuring to know there is treatment that doesn’t involve medication and that you are there when we need you.


Depression & Anxiety

I have done lots of self-development work over the years and seen major changes, especially understanding myself intellectually, but I kept facing re-occurring issues. I was not able to put solutions into practice, because my inbuilt sensitivity automatically triggered my deep-rooted fears.

Since having regular hypnosis treatments with Lee-Anne, I find myself responding very differently to what previously distressed me. It has surprised me how easily I now deal with things.

I can’t stop telling my friends what a constructive difference hypnosis with Lee-Anne has made to all areas of my life.

(Name withheld – client willing to talk about her experience)

Nail Biting

I have not bitten my nails since our appointment three months ago and I have had to cut them 3 times. That is the longest I have gone without biting them, thank you



I had been taking antidepressants for over 3 years. Lee-Anne helped me slowly wean off the antidepressants using hypnosis removing all my fear and other negative emotions. I now feel like I have my life back. I have lost weight and have loads of energy, I am feeling really good. Thank you Lee-Anne for helping me on this marvellous journey.


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