What Is Child birth

Child birth is a natural function that has somewhere along the way become a process fueled by fear and trepidation by many women. Over the centuries women have come to believe that childbirth is the most excruciating process ever experienced by humans and that it is unsafe. What if this is not true for everyone? What about the women who did not experience trauma, fear and pain and had a natural birth? Yes they really do exist which tells us that child birth does not have to be a painful experience. What if we stopped listening to all the horror stories designed to frighten us and started listening to our own inner voice through hypnosis.


HypnoBirthing is a valid method of birthing babies without pain, stress or fear and it is a process that most individuals can do. When we are tense and scared our body naturally tenses up which can effect the normal flow of the natural birthing process. Women who birth without fear using hypnoBirthing techniques are automatically more calm and relaxed feeling significantly less pain. Getting to know your baby during your pregnancy is a very special moment. Acknowledging each small movement by talking gently to your baby and maintaining a calm environment is a positive move to ensure your baby that you have already accepted that he/she is coming into the world and you are ready. Talking to your baby is important to establish connection and expectation of meeting one another. This naturally keeps both mother and baby calm and relaxed, naturally increasing confidence to birth and empowering both to birth.

At Mindful Health Hypnotherapy you learn how to empower yourself to birth naturally and pain free by doing HypnoBirthing. With our method, you will learn how to eradicate fear, increase relaxation, increase confidence to birth naturally and decrease pain. From this process you can expect:

  • Shorter labour
  • Calm and relaxed birth
  • Bounce back quickly after your natural birth
  • Increased confidence to breastfeed
  • Increased confidence to mother your baby

Your baby

  • Relaxed and easy natural childbirth experience
  • Born into a quiet, stress free environment
  • Settle easily
  • Breastfeed with ease

Partners are encouraged to come along and learn the hypnobirthing techniques to encourage mum during her labour. Being in the same mindset provides mum with the best support for her childbirth.

HypnoBirthing consists of  five consecutive weekly group sessions consisting of 2.5 hours each

Groups sessions are intimate involving only 3 sets of parents. Private sessions are available.

HypnoBirthing Education sessions costs: $649 paid upfront or $150 per session.

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